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Samyang Ramyun released bunch of SNSD posters on their site. You can download the high-quality pictures on >>https://www.samyangfood.co.kr/pr_1.asp<<

samyang ramyunI’m sorry I can’t upload the rest of the pictures because right now tinypic is kind of acting weird… Just visit Samyang Ramyun’s website I linked above for the pics, yeah? 😛 They have bunch of nice pics / posters for you to download, expect that the ones with the girls’ signatures are kinda fail. Instead of SNSD’s maknae Seohyun‘s signature, Samyang Ramyun put f(x)‘s maknae Krystal‘s signature on the poster.Poor Seobaby 😦

This is slightly out of topic, but do you guys remember how Seobaby tends to get her face covered by caption? Well look what I found when I lurk on SNSD’s new group thread at Soompi.


It was a screen-cap from the girls’ first official group introduction clip (watch the SWF >>here<<). Sigh. It seems like the poor baby has been caption-cursed since day one ಥ_ಥ