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Most of us all knows that Our own Kid Leader have a thing for Butts.  Taeyeon is famous for violating touching  her own members butts without permission and it seems like ByunTaeng is up to no good again.  During one of the year end special award show, Taeyeon was spotted molesting yet another girl, but this time, it wasn’t one of her member.  The victim this time came out to be Kara’s Nicole.  While the picture showed that Sunny was also patting Nicole’s butt, we can tell by the picture that Sunny was just doing it to congratulate Nicole while Taeyeon on the other hand, turn into a BEAST grabbing and hitting Nicole’s Butt.

Here is the evidence video that show ByunTaeng caught in the Crime:

As the year 2010 is just beginning, it can also mean that this is just the beginning of ByunTaeng’s return and everyone should expect more from her butt fetish ;]