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I myself can’t do such thing, but Kwon Yuri can!

On the recent episode of KBS2 Invincible Youth, Yuri showed us that she can licks her own nose. She did that after seeing a cow, which Sunny owns after winning a wrestling match in the previous episode, licks its own nose.

cr: galio09

LOL. Oh how I love ‘Invincible Youth’. It’s such a fun show, imo. The show keep on getting better as the cast of the show getting closer with each other. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep up with the show as KBS keep on taking down every Invincible Youth videos on YouTube. A lot of channels have been suspended because of this show. This makes a lot of uploader prefer not to upload IY videos or delete the videos from their channel. But no worries; one of dedicated SNSD-related video uploader, SmoothyEco, also keep on making a new channel just for this show! Smoothy Eco manseeeeeh! Go subscribe to his/her >>channel<< to watch the (raw) full show.

Girl7 + Shin-young

Sunhwa (Secret), Hyomin (T-ara), Hara (KARA), Yuri (SNSD), Kim Shin-young, Narsha (BEG), Sunny (SNSD), Hyuna (4minute)

As for the subbed show, there’s two (or rather three) fan-subbing teams working on this show: SNSD’s Soshi Subs and KARA’s Sweet Melodix (works together with T-ara’s Diadem Subs). However, they no longer upload the subbed videos on YT due to copyright infringement. You can watch / download the subbed show on their forum, though. Or, if you have KBS World, you can watch this show on the channel too (BUT the english subs kinda suck, though).