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If the previous post was a sneak peak of yesterday episode of ‘Imagine More‘, then here’s the subbed videos! toebeast is being fast and awesome as usual, so here we got a fast sub of ‘Imagine More’ (also known as ‘Sang Sang Plus’) episode with SNSD and SHINee. It’s not the full episode though, as toebeast only subbed the SNSD related parts.

This show is hilarious! In this show Kim Shin-young reveals how the girls really like in their dorm. I’m such a sucker for any Kim Shin-young + SNSD interactions you know. Plus, we’ll get to see Yoona‘s ssanti (cheap) dance, Tiffany‘s excessive jealousy, Sunny‘s make-you-want-to-punch-her aegyo and many more. Oh, there’s (my favorite) SHINee boys too… Key, Onew, and Minho (the birthday boy!) 😀

cr: toebeast