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On the upcoming episode for KBS‘s Imagine More, Sunny reveals her thoughts of everyone during her trainee days.

As you know, Sunny was the last member to join SNSD so she was pretty much a loner. In an interview with Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Jessica conducted by Hyundon, Park Myung Soo, Onew, and Key- the two members of SHINee revealed that Sunny was quite the quiet girl. Not that she was a loner, but that she was definitely not as friendly as before and kept mostly to herself. No one knew why exactly, but after she made her debut, she became the bubbly and brigtht girl that we know.

But on this week’s Imagine More, it’s Sunny’s turn to reveal her thoughts!

 AKP: In order to help me memorize my fellow members’ names, I gave them all nicknames based on my first impressions of them and wrote them down in my diary. I wrote, “Tiffany is a girl who wanders around hurriedly, Taeyeon is like a little yellow chick, and Seohyun is a Park Jiyoon look-alike.”

When Sunny was asked about her first impression of YoonA, she smiled and answered:

I wrote “YoonA looks like she has Injulmi (a type of Korean rice cake) under her eyes,'” which garnered lots of laughter from the audience.

In the same episode, Sunny also talks about her first encounters with SHINee as trainees. So don’t forget to watch out for this episode, SNSD and SHINee lovers!