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Edit: Sorry! I thought I translated Tiffany‘s room… I guess the characters are just looking too familiar to me now lol

Like, so good, it’s unfraekinbelievable. No, seriously. Look:

Don’t know what I mean? Look below.

Good thing I'm learning hangul

I’m guessing that joobang mij sik dang has something to do with kitchen and dining area while keosil is the living/tv room. I figured out the names and what balkoni most likely was ^^; I Have NO idea what those things are next to TaeSun and HyoBaby‘s room… I’m guessing those are the stairs when you’re outside? I also don’t have any idea what that section is between the rooms’ of TaeSun and HyoBaby. I want to guess it’s the entrance and where they put their shoes since that door at the bottom left can’t be the entrance (cuz there’s a balcony there and no other way in…?).

Looks like the girls are living in a penthouse. Or at least, I’ massuming. Apartments, especially in Seoul, are very common and expensive. There’s little space for homes so there are apartments and condos lined down the street and they’re VERY, VERY, VERY expensive. My eonni who came back from Korea after the summer said that they can go for almlost a million won a month and they can go even higher than that.

Okay, back to me being so good.

SO. Everyone knows my KPSD story and everyone knows that I predicted the sleeping arrangements exactly as they were. Well, now, just look! Which two have the biggest rooms with the highest KPSD position? The two with the second biggest room, one of them having the third (well some would say second) highest position? Which two shorties get stuck with the smallest room for a pair? And which room is the safest, furthest away from all harm but has a super nice view and balcony?