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More specifically, a FEMALE dongsaeng.

Well, that sure looks like a female...

KBS 2‘s >>Happy Together<< with Psy and Jessica aired earlier and cuts have been made all over youtube. Thanks to Toebeast, we can watch it subbed!

Yoo Jae Seuk and the others asked Psy about the very famous song he wrote with Lee Seung Gi, Because You’re My Woman, and as soon as it was mentioned, Jessica randomly sang it! This caused some laughter amongst the guests and comedians but Yoo Jae Seuk’s first question was, “What happened, is there some dongsaeng you like?”

HA. You know why I laugh? Because the song is clearly about a love for an older girl, “Noona neun nae yeojanikka” which roughly translates to “Noona, you’re a woman to me”. Yoo Jae Seuk asks if she likes a dongsaeng (someone younger) even though the song is about a girl… And then she tries to cover it up with a shaky reply.

So let me break this down to ya… Yoo Jae Seuk is looking for a youngER girl that Jessica has interest in… hmmm…

It’s interesting how one of them (crap forgot her name, she’s funny) thought that the answer was Tiffany because it’d wake Jessica up… And of course Jessi would brag about how well she provides for KPSD *eye roll*

Here’s Lee Seung Gi’s debut song that became an instant hit and helped him rise to fame.

Credits: Toebeast, Adams1030 @YT