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We all knew it. Come on!

Damn, slow mo really does work...

 But she’s not the only one! 

 So seems like Sunny signed some contract with KBS 2‘s Star Golden Bell like I assumed… Anyway, so on November 28th’s episode, Sunny revealed how fake her face really is.

Although Sunny was voted as the girl that all the guys want to protect, her secret ended up getting revealed when comedian, Kim Sook, shared her story.

Hmm, seems like they might as well have protected Narsha, Gahee, or Gyuri lol.

But Sunny’s not the only dirty one in Star Golden Bell! A week earlier, November 21st, Sunny and Sungmin of Super Junior tried to one up each other and made personal attacks. 

Sungmin began with, “Sunny had been with So Nyeo Shi Dae the night before. When I met her the next day, there was all this crap in her eyes, she never washed.  After seeing that, I could never see her as a star.”

Sunny wasn’t about to go down like that. “Sungmin’s feet stink. One time, while we were on our radio show, Sungmin took off his shoes in the DJ’s booth. The stench hit my nose like a punch. I honestly thought someone opened a sewer lid.”

Word to the wise: Never mess with Sunny- she’s too hardcore!

Hmm… I smell something funny here and it’s not Sungmin’s feet…

SungMin and Sunny finally clarafied exactly what lead up to the infamous rumor of Sunny and Sungmin being a couple. Thanks to Maestro-j @AKP for thranslating!

 “Have you ever had a embarrassing scandal” was asked. In response, Sunny brought up her scandal with Sungmin, who was also on the show. Sunny explained, “The reason the scandal was created was because of the Super Junior oppas. I was hosting a radio program with Sungmin and the Super Junior sunbaenims told me that they would help make our program become a hit by fabricating a scandal, but the scandal didn’t break out until our we left the program.

During the show, Sunny and Sungmin also expressed that the two don’t look at each other as stars. Sungmin commented, “I have seen her face with eye mucus after practices so many times that she doesn’t look like a star to me.” To this Sunny fired back, “But his feet stink. … I remember Sungmin was sitting down indoors and his feet smelled like the odors you smell when the sewer caps are opened.

Credit: Toebeast @YT