Kwon Yuri! It’s the 5th of December in Korea and she is now officially 20 (21)! And you know this day is special because I’m taking time out of my break to celebrate with all you readers on the blog 🙂

Happy birthday to SNSD’s Black Pearl and remember, even if people tease you and call you dark, just know I will kill for a year long tan like that! I bet you went to bed at 3, woke up at 10, grabbed a bite to eat, and then did it again 😉

Party hard girl and make this day memorable with the rest of the ladies! And of course, may all those wishes come true. I’m sure Yoona’s got some tricks up her sleeve for you tonight…

So readers, apart from wishing her a happy birthday, what’s your favorite thing about this girl? What makes her special in your eyes?