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SPAO is giving away free calendar of SNSD for those who spend more than 70,000 won at the shop. This is how the calendar looks like:
SPAO Calendar
The girls look awesome as always, if not even hotter than usual. But what interesting is, fans have speculated that the pictures used in this calendar were for the failed-to-release song before Gee. As you can see, the girls’ hairstyle and hair color indicated that it was an old, most likely taken before >>Gee teaser<<, photoshoot.

Back then SNSD was supposed to comeback from their long 9-months-hiatus on November 2008, but was delayed in last minute due to copyright problem of the title song. According to Isak the song was a remake of Duffy’s Mercy (I wonder how the SNSD’s version sounds like…). You may recall that there was a rumor about how the MV had back dancers, and one of the back dancers revealed that they’re wearing plaid clothing for the video. Hmm… I guess it’s safe enough that those pictures were indeed taken for the song that SM failed to release before Gee.

Here’s the rest of the calendar scans.


I’m not sure whether I really like this concept or not. Some pictures turned out great, but the some others are just… a bit off. I guess things might have been very different if the girls made a comeback with this concept + ‘Mercy’ remake instead of the glorious colorful skinny jeans + ‘Gee’ combo. Well, things might have been very different if the girls if they made a comeback from their long hiatus with anything but ‘Gee’.  😛

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby