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Who do you want to walk in the >>first snow<< with?

Oh, pfft, duh! Jessica! I guess it’s because since she’s technically the Ice Princess… She’ll be so used to the cold you’ll never have to offer your jacket lol. That way, you get a date with a hot girl AND you get to stay warm. Oh yeah baby, I’ve been told I’d make a great boyfriend if I were a boy lol.

I can only imagine why and what all those texts were about… Probably all of them laughing at her for being stuck in the most ironic poll/situation. And you best ‘share’ your umbrella with her while you stand to the side and hold it up. She is the Don after all.

I like how they got a GIRL to go gaga over Jessica… TEEHEE I guess she’s sick of all the boys. Speaking of being sick of all the boys…

Let’s talk about Jessica’s first kiss! Well not first kiss kiss, her first male kiss; the one from her Legally Blonde Musical.

"Ewewewew does not wants!"

Seriously, you can’t deny that her lips look way reluctant compared to Yoona‘s kiss with Kwon Sang Woo. Lol I love bringing that kiss up. 

And guess what? Turns out guys make Jessica give fake orgasms 😀

Sica’s acting all orgasmic from this clip @ 2:20. She’s actually doing a fake orgasm!  (hahah isn’t that a silly statement?  OMG a real fake orgasm!). This (the second link) is from the actual musical. start at 1:06 ^^

I contemplated about posting that information lol but here’s what I thought: I love the lyrics though.. because if Jessica’s orgasmic sound mean anything to the sex she “has/had” with males… then I wonder what it sounds like when she’s with Tiff HAHA. Oh the lesbagay (another Jennifer’s Body reference) things I think of. But wow, after watching the original, I gotta say, I’m impressed with Jessica. Now I know why they chose her and not the others from the group (well other than the rest of them being busy and she was just sitting on her bum doing surrious bidnezz) and that’s because of the similarity of her voice to the actress in the American version of the musical.
I just noticed, I didn’t hear any laughs hahaha… I wonder what the audience thought about that. But how hilarious, now we can say we “I heard Jessica’s orgasm!!”

Thanks to Pooltides for the info!

Credit: Toebeast @YT