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The Sone numbers grow!

The nine members of SNSD have only been official celebrities since August 2007 and didn’t even have an official fanclub until the ending half of 2008. But that didn’t stop their wonderful fans from sticking together and showing their love in numbers.

We all know that fellow Entertainment band, DBSK, made it to the Guiness World Book of Records because they have the biggest fanbase with nearly 800, 000 and growing. Don’t think that’s much? Well just remember in order to be part of official fanclubs, you must pay a fee and I think some even require certain participation credits! Though we may be Sones at heart, we haven’t all taken the time to be official Sones.

So how many of us are there? Check it out!

DBSK: 797 821
Big Bang: 378 859
BoA: 342 848
Lee Hyori: 327 160
SNSD: 285 790
SS501: 278 598
Super Junior: 260 156
2PM: 222 090
Shinhwa: 193 974
Rain: 188 387
Se7en: 162 375
Lee Jun Ki: 136 066
Wonder Girls: 112 823
FT Island: 112 213
SHINee: 107 330

So if you ever get a chance, join Don Jessi‘s SNSD’s army!

The Casseoninjas Casseopians will probably never be beaten… But it’s very interesting to me how many VIPs (Big Bang’s fanclub) there are. I mean, Big Bang never used to be anywhere as big as they are now but I guess the YG-lovers stick together and now that they’ve finally hit fame, they’ve grown. Grrr, Rain has more fans than Se7en…
Anyway! I’m still glad that BoA has a good number of fans although she hasn’t been in Korea since 2005 *sobs*. She may have lost official fanclub members (if that happens? I don’t know) and out of all those listed, she’s had the least chances to gain more members because of her “hiatus”. But that’s okay BoA, you’re still the Queen of pop! HA, IN YOUR FACE HYORI! …I love still love you though lol.

And just because I’m into shamless plugging… Check out BoA’s new shiz cuz it be da shiz.
I’m gonna rock right now, take yo spot and cop the old crown~
“What’s your blood type?” Why the hell?
I’m not A or B or O, “I’m B-O-A..ok?”

Oh man, the lyrics are too cool<3

Credit: tieba, Adie, sweetfig @sweetfig