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On the recent Chin Chin Radio, Taeyeon talked about Yoona and Sooyoung‘s embarrassing stories which happened during their trip to Japan. 😀

cr: toebeast

Oh girls, why so precious~? Don’t you all love Taeyeon’s Chinchin Radio? I know I do, but too bad I (still) have to depend on the (rare) english subs to understand what they’re talking about. :/ Oh well, at least Chin Chin pictures always somewhat entertaining enough to compensate the lack of Chin Chin subbed videos — and lack of Taeyeon in general.

Chin Chin pictures are always cute and adorable, yes?
Taeyeon's ChinChin

Taeyeon's ChinChin

Ok, maybe not. Because this one is kinda… creepy. But it’s a cute creepy, though. Same difference!