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Okay, I’m going to post a bunch of Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong‘s new popular SBS show, Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart). I’d start this post off with TMYWG‘s beating heart gif… but I don’t have one so I’ll just give you the goods straight up :p

NOTE: If you’d like to watch more subbed clips other than the ones only with SNSD (or the ones that I find interesting…) then I encourage you to visit >>TopRandom5‘s<< channel! Thanks TopRandom5! Oh and if you want more of KARA‘s cuts, go to >>SweetMelodix<< because Gyuri is a freaking G. Oh, and because I said so.

Jokester Yoona:

SNSD Shows Respect:

As any good Jopak (group of Kkangpaes) would. Plus, why wouldn’t you show respect to Im Chang Jeong? He’s like freaking awesome and multi talented!

I feel bad for them though… SNSD is a bunch of teases :p

BrAcadamy‘s Theme Song is Gee:

Sorry, I just had to… Brian and Jokwon… I mean, it’s like they’re hyung and dongsaeng! Too alike, too hilarious, too talented. Also, you can really hear Sooyoung laugh out loud, especially in the second clip lol.

Everybody Wants…:

It’s OK, At least You’re Cute:

Don’t Throw Your Wishes Away:

Someone Ate Her Kiss:

Gyuri’s the G-Man Baby! Ah Gyuri, I’m so happy KARA’s finally famous so they can see your hilarious awesomeness. Though it’s sad that people take it the wrong way.

Credits: Toebeast & TopRandom5 @YT