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In a recording for KBS2 Champagne, former g.o.d member / actor Yoon Kye-sang confessed that he has a thing for the adorable kid leader Taeyeon.

Yoon Kye-sang | Taeyeon

During the “Ideal-type World Cup” segment wherein he had to choose between 32 female celebrities, Yoon Kye-sang said, “I like Taeyeon the most because she is pretty and sings very well. I listen to Taeyeon’s radio show, Chin Chin every day without fail now.

According to >this< article, he also stated that “SNSD’s Taeyeon was my energy during my military service”. Hmm, don’t you see the pattern here? But wait… err… wasn’t Yoon Kyesang finished his service in 2006 and SNSD debuted in 2007? Huh.

Well, maybe the reporter confused up Kyesang’s statement with 321768309 others celebrity fanboys’ SNSD-is-my-energy-source-during-my-military-service — because apparently the other article doesn’t even mention the ‘military service’ part. OR maybe it’s Yoon Kye-sang himself who is confused. Bad script, anyone?


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