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I’ve looked at this for the past two or three days but have kept my mouth shut. (Ok, to be honest, I just haven’t written it yet lol) But now, I can no longer do that! I must say something!

Ilac: Oh no, Maria’s go’n get cahrazzzyyyy

What kills even more is K.Will‘s always there on ChinChin (and I don’t know about it) >.< 

Haha just kidding, just kidding. Giiirl, I am happy for you. You’re just provin’ that K likes them Pisces girls so this gives me a chance. Go ahead girl, get some! Well…don’t get some… I mean you’re already gettin’ enough from Junsu and Sunny I’m sure…
Well actually let me know how it—

ANYWAY!  Here are some new videos uploaded by another big K.will fan, Annsler from youtube!

OMG he can immitate so many of the best…. Kim Jong Kook, Ha Dong Gil, Wheesung, Park Hyo Shin(?)…

Oh man, I am freaking out right now… And not even about K.will’s beatboxing cuz I’ve seen him do it in other videos… but I’ve watched this episode before because as you can see, KARA with Sunghee (and Lexy too?!) is there. How did I not remember K.Will was too?! And he’s even good at trot *_* Is there anything he can’t do?
but like that host said… “K.will jjang!”

I We miss you too, K.will! Can’t wait for your comeback on 11/05 (BoA‘s birthday) 🙂 Hope you’ve fully recovered from the Swine Flu cuz I know it was so bad you had to delay your comeback (that would’ve been today *cries*).

P.S. K.Will, why are you always with Ilac when you go to ChinChin? I’ve heard of him but I’ve yet to check him out. Guess it’s a sign…