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Okay, I’ve been wanting to say that for a while now LOL. I’m sorry Krystal, but no matter what, you’re gonna get compared. And it sucks, I know. But I can’t help but mistkae your voice for Jessica‘s (with a hint of  lemon and lime Seobaby and Taeyeon in it).

Check out Eff of Ex singing SNSD‘s reindition of Lee Seung Chul‘s hit song,  So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation). Other than me hearing Jessica, I gotta admit, their harmony of the chorus sounded almost exaclty like SNSD themselves! Pretty cool. Makes me think, if five girls can sound like nine, then my hypothesis is correct: not all 9 sing the chorus in songs… unfortunately 😦

 The second song they sang, surprisingly one I’ve never heard before, sounds like a pretty cool one. It’s originally by Park Sun Joo and it’s called My Song (Nan naye norae …ok don’t trust my Korean). But yay, more NaStal!* I’m gonna finally conclude that Krystal takes the lead singer position just like the Don while Luna takes the main vocal position.

Oh and in case any of you care, Krystal turned a little less illegal 15 on October 24th 🙂 Happy belated, lil Jung!

Credit: Codemonmonseason4 @YT

*NaStal = Luna + Krystal = Na(e) style yah = You’re exactly my style = You’re my type = We’re perfect