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This isn’t news, there’s nothing you don’t already know about the girls in this post because we all know the girls are strong, but deep down even if they’re pretty damn good at hiding it, they’re girls too. And what do girls love to do behind close doors? Cry!

Been in a DBSK mood as of late since all I’ve been doing is going to noraebangs and singing ballads lol and one of my friends decided to sing this song. So I thought it was kinda ironic that Aien unni made a video using this song and figured I’d share 🙂

Haha all this crying makes me want to sing Hyori’s song…
But shhh, don’t tell anyone I listen to Lee Hyori‘s music!

Anyway, back to DBSK. This was another song that brought me back to my ‘DBSK fandom’ lately haha.

Brings back memories. Mmmm Yoochun❤ There’s just something about deep manly man voices… Didn’t he write this song?
Wait, I’m getting off topic again lol.
Okay, I’m off now. Gotta meet up wit someone :p night ya’ll!

Credits: Aienbest, Kpoplive,  dbsjforever @YT