EDIT: FAN CAM IN THE COMMENTS. AND ADDED PICTURES FROM PRESS CONFERENCE, and a lil statement from me if you didn’t see my comment in the comments section

Well..I’m only half Viet but whatever. Anyway.

As you know the girls are in Vietnam for the Arirang Concert. Hanoi to be exact. Viet SONEs were all at the airport to greet the girls.
Enough chatter, here are the pictures and tid bits of info!

First off, at the airport, no one cried/fell. SNSD just had to ride in 2 cars but Jess was the last one to get in but she was still smiling while being surrounded by the fans 🙂

Someone said there were 600 fans at the hotel waiting. Holy.

Fans started crying out of happiness and what not too. Talk about loud fans 😛 We viets can get pretty damn loud if we wanted to. Just check out my family.

^credits; kpop360.com/soompi

Really chaotic though. Hopefully no one got hurt. But from the picture, you can see that fans moved out of the way to let the girls through!

HQ Fan cam

Okay so Seobaby was there, yuri wasn’t. lol. I’m stalking and posting at the same time so when I find out, I’ll add it on to the post 😛

credits; as tagged. Amazing crowd of fans



LOL at the nexxt pic

But I think someone said its cause of the security guard that fell. Okay maybeee a tad crazy of a crowd haha

The girls performed Gee and Genie. Tiff: “Listen Vietnam”

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Girls also said their favorite Viet food was Pho. LOL. Easiest food to name 😛

And a crazy fan ran on stage in this clip:

Yeah…poor jess D: Its neaer the way end of the clip. Kinda like a tackle but whatever. Damn.

From bossa747 twitter
Rumor: Yuri and Seohyun applied for Chung Ang Univ. Seohyun had an audition on 16th, and Yuri on 17th. That’s why Yuri couldn’t go to Hanoi.


Credits; dantri,soshified.

Also, a lot of people have been “freaking out” in a sense about the fan that went on stage and attacked Jess, the horrible mob at the airport, and just a whole other bunch of crap. In case anyone doesn’t want to go through the 55+ comments on the post lol, I’ll just explain it once again. The security guards underestimated the popularity of the girls and only set up a handful of guards. Many fans tried to hold hands and create an open pathway for the girls to walk through but like any group of fans, theres always the few that get super excited so you can’t blame the riots and the lack of organization. Some are putting major blame on the VSones and it’s unfair in my opinion. Don’t let one’s actions cover everyone else’s good “fan” side. A lot of them have come out to apolgize and personally I don’t think they have to but it shows how mature they are and regretful they are about what had happened. 🙂 Thats all.