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Yay! I love how Korea is almost 1 day ahead of me, so I always feel like I get to watch these videos “early” lol.

So once again, all the specials are listed and when they are italicized it means they’re up and ready to be watched!

Oct 2:
KBS2 – Shall We Dance? (SooYoung)
MBC – Idol Girl Group Survival, Sweet Girl Edition (SooYoungSunny, Jessica)

Oct 3:
SBS – Idol Big Show
(SNSD) >>Here<<
KBS1 – Chuseok Special KBS Love Sharing Concert (SNSD)

Oct 4:
MBC – Star Dance Battle Challenge (SNSD)

Oct 5:
KBS2 – Ideal Girl Olympics (Yuri & Seohyun)

KBS2 – Shall We Dance?
(SooYoung’s Cut)
I liked watching the practice more than the actual performance. Technically, it was well done and Soo was sooo much more graceful than we’ve seen her. Her partner was awesome :). I think she could have worked on softening her eyes a little bit more for facial expression, other than that, she was very charming ^^ and happy looking.

MBC – Idol Girl Group Survival, Sweet Girl Edition (SooYoungSunny, Jessica)
Okay this show was a lot better than I thought it would be (probably I was sad that it was only SooSunSica). We could see all the cute friendships, like the maknaes from Kara and 4Min, Hara & Sica, etcetc.  My favourite part was probably the beginning when the groups did dances. Oh, not to ruin the ending but none of our girls made it to the final round tho :(. To make the ending worst, I felt like Hara tripped on purpose to get more attention as opposed to just winning, but atleast Jiyoung made up for it by being so cute and running to her and crying “Unni!!!” lol. I feel sorry for that T-ara girl Boram, I mean she won but then everyone is giving attention mostly to Hara and saying she should have won and poor her blahblahblah.

This whole show is into 9 parts, so what I’ll do is thread the first few vids to be funny vids of our girls, then I’ll do the whole show in links.

SooYoung/Sica/Sunny Dance Cut:
They just did their routine to Katy Perry’s ”I kissed a girl”. I liked it but because I’ve seen it a few times already XD I enjoyed some of the other perfs more (check out Afterschool’s O.O! They’re the first to dance in part2 video.)

(Credits: Protonic9)

Soo & Sica Wrestling:
Its quite funny because the girls didn’t actually wrestle. One person had to try to flip the other on the ground. Soo challenged the sica-look-a-like in T-ara (I’m sorry, I don’t know her name) and Sica got called by this girl from BEG.

(Credits: Protonic9)

Thanks to AFSCtv2 @ youtube, we get to watch the whole show!
Part 1/9 | Part 2/9 | Part 3/9
Part 4/9 | Part 5/9 | Part 6/9
Party 7/9 | Part 8/9 | Part 9/9