Hype Hype Hype for all the Cheosuk Specials! Remember that fantastic but SHORT “Sorry Sorry” perf by SNSD? Well we can look forward on Oct 4, when MBC’s Star Dance Battle Challenge!

In return, showing SM love, Suju will be performing “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”. Our girls will also be performing “Smooth Criminal” by MJ (Michael Jackson).


Also as you all may have been aware, SNSD will be appearing on all 3 major broadcast company’s cheosuk specials~

Oct 2:
KBS2 – Shall We Dance? (SooYoung will be doing a waltz!)
MBC – Idol Girl Group Survival, Sweet Girl Edition (SooYoungSunny, Jessica will be fighting for the title of strongest girl group member among other active Kpop Girl Groups, including: BEG, Kara, Afterschool, 4min, and T-ara)

Oct 3:
SBS – Idol Big Show
(SNSD will show us their dorms and lifestyle! They will also perform a special version of INTW and Gee)
KBS1 – Chuseok Special KBS Love Sharing Concert (SNSD)

Oct 4:
MBC – Star Dance Battle Challenge (SNSD)

Oct 5:
KBS2 – Ideal Girl Olympics (Yuri & Seohyun)


Which show are you guys looking forward to most? Mine has to be SBS’s Idol Show! I can’t wait to see their dorm and practices! Though I must say, the thought of SNSD performing “Sorry Sorry” and MJ again is just too good to be true ><“!

Pic Credits: Allkpop’s shockimpulse