Yeah, gotta love Taylor Swift. 😀

Anyway! A short subbed clip from a recent ChinChin where Taeng talks about a older guy that had a lil crush on her! Pretty cute but the highlight of this video was probably her crazyyy laugh. 

The subs aren’t in the video itself, so read this while listening:

TY:I never had a boyfriend. This guy from another school…sigh, I’m not sure if I should brag about this…

The guy: Hey man! You started talking about it, finish telling us the story. You made up your mind. Go go.

*Taeyeon’s shy laugh+spazzing like lil girl
I’m sorry!
Guys: So a guy from another school?

TY:Yes, a guy from another school um…

Guys: Attempted to confess his feelings for you?

TY:Yes! Like, how did he know me??? So like, somebody delievered the cake to my class… in the middle of the class
Guys: Wow!!

TY: He sent me a banana cake. So yea….

Guy: Did you share?

….*awkward pause

TY:Yea that’s it…

TY- I have a another story

*ROFL from everyone

Guys: Spill it, just tell us now.

TY- you know how back in the day, in the commercials, you saw boys like scribbling stuff on a electric pole?


Guy: Someone from another school confessed his feelings for you? By writing stuff on the electric pole?

TY: Yes, a boy who was older than me. He was in middle school, while I was in grade school.

Guy: When you were in grade school!?!?!?!?

TY- Yes ==;;

after a while…

TY: I have another one?

Guys: Ok keep going.

TY- I’m kidding, there are no more of those stories.


credts; erionzazu