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We’ve heard a snippet of SNSD’s new songs for drama Heading to the Ground OST, and now the full version is out! Well, only one of the two (or is it three?) songs for now. The first song released is “Sarang-in-gul-yo (It’s Love)” sang by SNSD’s shorties, Sunny and Taeyeon. 😀

Check out the beautiful ballad below!

cr: protonic9

I’m not gonna lie, out of nine members of SNSD I love love love the two’s voices the most; especially when they sing ballads (Taeyeon’s If and Can You Hear Me + Sunny’s You Don’t Know About Love and Finally Now are still on my playlist at the moment. That’s how biased I am).

Since Dandyu (Danshin duo / Short duo) is my OTP, I’ll use this post as an excuse for a Dandyu pic/gif spam! Yay me! ^_^

Dandyu kiss