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Get ready for the next Vanessa Hudgens and Rihanna… collabo version! Oh yeah behbeh.

I don’t know what did it, but somehow Cindy, in the middle of our Greys Anatomy and Three Rivers conversation, connected it to wanting more SooRi…  I guess they couldn’t afford Yoona in this production; you know how expensive she is.

But man, I never knew Soo was into bondage… And man, she likes to shove. Like I’ve always said, Soo >>likes it rough!<<

………..HOLY CARP OMG…. Seobaby just walked in. X_X. God dammit Seobaby, why must you always come in at the wrong time?! >>Jail is going to be<< so much fun. Sigh, she just makes everything so wrong.

hahaha that doll is suppose to represent the creepo audience that will be watching this in the near future.

Cindy(20:59:33): mariaaaa
Cindy(20:59:40): make some other pairing posts
Cindy(21:00:00): like yoonyul or something D:
Cindy(21:00:48): omg ❤
Me(21:00:54): ok fineeeeee
Me(21:01:00): ……….LOL this looks so porny
Cindy(21:01:13): LOL
Credit: Aienbest @YT