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A piece of that pie, knowwhaddI mean?

LOL this gif... ah nevermind hahaha

LOL this gif... ah nevermind hahaha

So as you probably already know, >>Super Junior M’s music video<< featuring Jessica was released on the 14th. But  during all this business work overseas without her Lady, looks like some curious girls (who most likely heard of the Don’s rep) wanted a piece of what they could get. Everyone wants cuz Jessi gets da ladies 😉

LOL was the balloon supposed to serve as the knock-out weapon and blinder? What pros!

Above is footage that was screencaped by some hawk-eyed netizens. Thank goodness, something those netizens did that didn’t annoy me.

But don’t get the wrong idea, cuz during filming, she was totally texting Tiffany while her Lady was on the beach in SoCal. They missed each other so much ;_; And don’t you tell me other wise because Jessica was the only one not on vacation while she filmed this in China and Tiffany confirmed that she was in SoCal at the same time for some time off!

Credit: Allkpop