Just be prepared for a long post filled with updates and rumors and what not. Sorry that I’m putting everything together, it’s just once school hits…well I get even more lazy. But this will be one informative post, I promise 🙂

First off, that drama that Yunho is starring in..fans heard snsd’s voices singing the ost!

credits; gianbok



This is the phone that SNSD and F(x) will be advertising. hot phone dude.

credits; soompi


silis7noy@soompi says Tae is RUMORED RUMORED to be a guest on Family Outing again. Personally I wanna see other members but hey, great show…sadly Chunhee and Yejin left though 😦

another RUMOR concerning 2nd Album

SM purchased another song from D’Sign Music when they purchased Genie.
It is european electronic style…and they say it has more european flavor than Genie.

There will be cutesy song like Etude too.
Hwang SungJe and/or Kenzie will do it.

E-Tribe will compose a danceable tune. (and they already made a contract when he composed Gee)

DJ Jinu’s european pop style track is already recorded.

A Ballad will be done by Park ChangHyun.

Yoon Gun was mentioned but it seems like it’s not decided yet.

Title track is not yet decided but SM seems to like DJ Jinu’s Track

source: http://mlbpark.donga.com/bbs/view.php?bbs=…433&cpage=1
credit: bossa747@soshified.com/forums

ALSO reported eralier by bossa747, rumors had it the 2nd album would be 30+ tracks (some might be those short random tracks that have a short talking intermission to make it add up to 30 tracks) with 2cds. again rumor..a rumor that I honestly doubt. but hey interesting read for you fans. 


lol again to silis7noy, another dance battle on Star Dance battle next next week. SNSD, SUJU, kara, 2am, jewelry, and more! 


Yoona spotted in Saipan as reported earlier that she was there for vacation with the family. credits blu_smiley at soshified.


Sorry for such a..long post with so little comments from me. Tiredness is kicking in fast 😦 I apologize for not updating much either these days so I hope this post will make up for it somewhat? 😀

also, ssfsubs on youtube subbed hello baby four!