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Edit: HQ promo picture (?) below the cut

LG announced that both SNSD and f(x) will be the new CF models for 4th edition of the Blacklabel series LG CYON phone, “New Chocolate”. The CF will come out in October.


Are you excited for this f(9) collaboration? I’m pretty sure I am!

As Big Bang and 2NE1 released the hit single Lollipop for their LG CYON Lollipop CF, I wonder if SNSD and f(x) will release a digital single too for this CF. I really hope they will, because that will be awesome~

On the side note, I thought SNSD are still endorsing for Samsung… but I guess not anymore. The last time I checked, Gee is still used as Samsung Anycall BEAM CF’s jingle, though. I personally love the Samsung Anycall Haptic CF series the girls did alongside their sunbaes, DBSK despite the whole drama between Cassies and Sones regarding the adorable CFs. Now that f(x) having their first endorsement with SNSD instead of some random boyband out there… I’ll just say that SM is making a smart move. They had just save the five girls of f(x)‘s life from bunch of jealous fangirls. You know what I mean.


Update: A high-quality pic from Genie photoshoot, but it also suppose to be promo picture for LG Cyon. (Click for original size)