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I see Sica!

sicaYesterday, a press conference for Legally Blonde was held. Ofcourse, our ice princess Jessica was there and so popular that she recieved flowers from a fan after her self introduction. But sorry fan boy, the love of JeTi will never die because Sica gave her Tiffany a (quiet) shout out.

I think Sica said something among the lines of Fany was jealous (of her role)? Well if Tiffany didn’t have her throat problems, she might have had a shot at the role since she has good vocals too AND can express the ‘Elle’ image well. Sica fits the role of Vivian in my mind (the rich and “snobby” (ex)girl-friend of Warner’s). Vivian or not, I can’t wait to see Sica in this musical =]!

Interesting enough as I’m watching these fancams, I notice the songs broadcasted in the background were  in English, so I guess the show will be in English!? Sigh, how I yearn to go :(! I’m sure she’ll be as good as Lauren, my favourite ‘Elle Woods’ from the broadway musical in US.

But let’s not be too sad and hope that there will be fancams of the musical, or better yet: professional dvd version? Oh yes please!

Before I embed and present you these vids, very off topic note: Nice new banner elle :)! I Lykes It!

Oh, and ofcourse, thank you protonic9 for uploading all these fancams on youtube!

Part 1/5: Sica @ Legally Blonde Press Conference

Part 2/5: Sica @ Legally Blonde Press Conference

Part 3/5: Sica @ Legally Blonde Press Conference

Part 4/5: Sica @ Legally Blonde Press Conference

Part 5/5: Sica @ Legally Blonde Press Conference

Also, I read some of your doubts back in our earlier posts regarding how good will the musical be. Well I assure you, the musical is really good. The dialogues, music and lyrics are all well written, the dance numbers are entertaining, and most importantly, the plot itself is great. ‘Legally’ Blonde the musical is easily one of my top broadway shows now, among Annie, Grease, Guys and Dolls, and Once on This Island.