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Recently, Krystal was interviewed in Music Bank’s waiting room, where she revealed the closeness between Jessica and her, as well how they are different from one another.


She said while smiling, “‘My sister came in person to cheer me on for my first broadcast performance. She gave me a lot of advice.”

Krystal continued on, “‘Immediately after our pre-recorded performance, she came to our waiting room and wiped the sweat off of my face. She had this worried expression on her face and said to me, “Your expression isn’t good. Work harder on it.” Krystal commented, “I was very thankful to her.(doesn’t it remind you of, “I’ll Always Be Here For You”?)

“I’m very close to my sister. It seems like we can read each other’s minds. We often think of similar things, even though we’re at different locations. Our personalities, though, are a little different. My sister is feminine, while I am more relaxed. My sister makes me feel secure. We haven’t seen each other too much recently, but our feelings for each other are the same as always.”

On the 5th, Jessica gathered attention by visiting the MBC Dream Center, where she was present at f(x)’s Music Core pre-recorded performance in order to cheer for her little sister.

Source: Allkpop


All I can say is “Awwww”. This Sisterly love, is indeed cute, but I won’t say I envy her because I’m close to my older sister too (even though she is mean sometimes >:O). I really hope one day the two of them can appear together on a variety show or something. I’m pretty sure people want to witness their closeness or just f(9) interactions in general :] naw mean?