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…If you watch this. Here’s the SNSD performance for >>last night’s<< MBC 2009 Incheon Korean Wave Festival.

Gee and Tell Me Your Wish, Genie

D: Why would they zoom up on Seobaby‘s legs and buttocks? And is it just me or does the audio sound weird? It’s like MBC was having a hard time choosing whether or not to let the girls sing live or let the audio version take over o_O I think a lot of performances sounded just as weird. 2PM‘s was a bit messy, same goes for KARA and Brown Eyed Girls… I’ll watch SuJu later on, I want to see the Minwoo+JunJin perf but I can’t see it. Younha, F.T. Island, and Lee Jung Hyun did fine though. I just can’t believe Davichi, SG Wannabe, VOS, K.Will, 2ne1, or SeeYa (<- well that one has an excuse) wasn’t invited but Younha was…

I haven’t seen the MC cuts yet, but I’m wondering how Tiffany sounds and why she’s even allowed to talk….

Want to see more? Check >>this AKP post<< out for videos of all the performances! I’d individually embed all the good performances here one by one, but I’m too busy (finally) listening to SG Wannabe’s 6th album and doing college/scholarship apps. Mmm fun.

P.S. >>LOL WUT?<< I was >>watching this<< and got curious with what was Jea‘s real name… and I noticed that… Oh Wiki, I thought nothing could top the 2PM page changes after Jaebeom left and everyone edited that Manber would replace him (because of Manber’s “large penis”)….

Credit: Codemonmonseason4 @YT