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SNSD (minus kid leader Taeyeon) performed Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) and Girls’ Generation at KBS Gag Concert 10th Anniversary. Even though Taeyeon wasn’t there, this got to be the whackiest — umm I mean the best TMYW performance ever… even the audience asked for encore! The girls fulfilled their wish by performing Girls’ Generation (ah, it’s been a long time since they performed GG on stage), which as whack awesome as the previous song performance.

cr: CodeMonmonSeason3

ROFL! Haven’t I said that this is a Gag Concert? 😀

Before the girls appeared on stage, three famous comedians also made a similar performance. They were singing a song but leaving out the high notes and going off key on purpose.

NOTE: After the Sowoneul malhaebwa (tell me your wish) Sooyoung was saying “(but) I will only listen” and in the second one she said “Hurry, my legs are hurting”. LOL

Meanwhile Yoona also made a guest appearance on the Teacher Kang’s Dressing Room segment. This popular segment of Gag Concert features Ahn YoungMi, the one Yoona always makes imitation of.

cr: protonic9

LOL now I know how good her impersonation is. On the side note, Yoona looks so goddess-like with that dress (and long hair!).