I said they’re a hot track! The list for the hottest albums of 2009 have been released and it’s no surprise that SNSD takes up TWO slots for the year.

1. Super Junior 3rd Album
2.G-dragon’s Heartbreaker (damn…wasn’t this just released last month.)
3. SNSD’s Gee
4. SNSD’s Tell Me Your WIsh Genie
 5. 2NE1 Mini
6. Drunken Tiger “Feel Ghood Muzik”
7. Seotaiji’s 8th Atomos Part Secret
8. Seotaiji’s At0mos
9. 2pm Time for Change
10. SG Wannabe’s Gift from Sg Wannabe 

Course someone is gonna end up surpassing someone else in no time, since the year isn’t even over yet. But interesting to read.