The girls were there and Yoona presented some awards and as a group they all performed Genie and Taeyeon performed Can You Hear Me with Seobaby on piano. 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to watch any of this, just goin by what I read from others but I think someone said Tiff lip synced her parts D: (<<LOL. its yoona!) Her throat ain’t doing so well these days.

credits; protonic9


Read some cute fan accounts too from Soompi. Someone said there was a part where Tiff was clapping wildly and Sunny wanted to calm her down but ended up messing around with her too ❤ Yoona would also make dorky faces to the members while she was on stage presenting with the camera looking away. My memory is quite weak this morning so thats all I remember now 🙂 Enjoy!