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I meant to do this yesterday, but I had other priorities… and it’s a good thing too because now you get these goodies SUBBED! woohoo!

So I’m super tired from a hectic and fun day and I thought I’d be rewarded with EFF OF EX goodies but was disappointed with the lack there of…  But who cares, I’m rewarded with something just as good!

For episode 11 of JeNy Baby Making Series (sometimes known as Hello! Baby) Tiffany finally got picked as ‘Best Mom’ and for her birthday, I guess she was ‘rewarded’ a whole night with him by herself. But like all couples, Jessica received the brain wave signals that Tiffany was  giving off and came to her rescue right away!

I’m starting to wonder why Tiff said ‘Wait!” and pointed to the baby in the first 30 seconds……….. So many theories @_@ LOL and I love how Jess has to reassure that it’s nothing bad. Guess Jess must be a trickster haha.
Omg Jessi, please wear the shirt already D: Why does Tiffany have to be so greedy with Jessica D:

…I AM NEVER going to let you play with my babies Tiffany. EVAR. Omg, I’m so traumatized by you playing with him. Jessi at least protects him (holding the corner of the table and all) but you made him cry! XD

Bossy Jessi and Kyungsan faking Tiff out LOL. Singing wifey’s song first… oh my<3

Maaaaan, I tried SOOO hard not to watch because I’m so OCD about going out of order (as much as I love spoilers) but if Aienbest tells me to watch, I’ll watch XD

Two new things I learned about JeTi: Tiffany is so fail with Hip Hop… I still respect you Tiff. Jessica is so fail at guitar.

Credits: Ainbest, icepick1374, animegirlx15 @YT