2ND EDIT: According to silis7noy over at soompi, SM has officially stated NO CAMERA was chucked at Jess. Course that was kind of obvious but to confirm everyone else’s nerves here it is. Also, they just said that the pictures were of the girls worried about the crowd and whether or not they would get hurt. 🙂

EDIT: ADDED MORE INFO UNDER THE CUT thanks to commenter for providing a link

Okay , bit dramatic on the title there but word has it someone ACCIDENTALLY threw something at her face at today’s event (err I’m not good withtheir schedules..so) Some say she cried, some say she didn’t. Ah it was the dating thing.

Hopefully it wasn’t something crazy. She’d probably beat their ass if it was..

accoding to bossa747
after i heard the news, i checked the photos taken at different angle by my friend.
(okay, this friend is a hardcore fan who goes to every single stage the girls comes)

they were riding on a festival car and literally fans just surrounded the car.
in the picture they look like they’re on a small island surrounded with sea of people.

i could check the pictures at the very moment when sica touched her cheek, 30 secs before, 20 secs before, 4 secs after.
girls including sica didn’t look fine ever since 30 secs before.
crowd was crazy and my friend says the guards looked like amateurs.
they were being so harsh on people close to the car.
maybe something was happening under the car. the whole situation was mess.

after all, there’s just only one source who claimed sica was hit.
and nobody else including my friend saw it anyway.

so don’t be fooled by this bs.


Ah well regardless, even if she wasn’t hit, it was probably a bit of a messy situation so the girls got a tad frustrated or something. No one knows but some of you fans need to chill. 😛