Edit: So i just saw that Episode 10 has been subbed and uploaded, so now you can enjoy 2 episodes!!

Alright guys here we go again, another episode of  Hello baby (feels like we are going backwards) Eitherway dont really need to watch these in order to enjoy them though. Well first i would like to thank hellosic on our Question and comments tab, he/she pointed this out to us, and i thank you. Another thing i would like to mention is the increase in comments i have seen recently and i thank you all! As i have said before all of the team loves to see comments on our posts even if its a simple “i love snsd” or “thank you”. So please keep them comming i want to see a comment from all of you on every post!!!! And last is if any of you have a question for me, that you want anwsered or just want to talk (im a good listener :P) then just email me at snsdarcster@gmail.com Well that enough talking from me you are all here to watch some HB so here ya go, and enjoy!

Credit: G1lover16 @ youtube.com

Episode 10

Credit: babyji91 @ Youtube.com