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Looks like not just anyone can enter the Don’s army.

Here’s a few sub clips from >>Intimate Note!<<

It’s all about equal treatment y’all. No one’s treated fairly until you’re one of us them. Not even the Underboss, Yuri. Looks like Captain Hyoyeon was Don Jess‘s partner in crime, back in the day when KPSD was a much smaller organization.

Man, when Sooyoung said something about shedding skin, the KPSD thoughts were just zooming through my mind. This whole situation; screaming, fighting, recalling gang initiations (read up on gang bullying initiations), Sooyoung’s usual disuse of honorifics, Yoona‘s use of honorifics, misunderstanding of ghastly situations/the perverse comments… it’s like my dream show. Except they have clothes on and not bikinis suits.

And Sooyoung, I don’t know why you’re trippin’, acting like you thought you would get any of Tiffany‘s share that Jessica was saving for her! Shame on you, the Lady is as higher up in rank as the Don is compared to you!

I haven’t seen the two other clips… but here it is anyway:

Thanks for the tip, Niki!

Credit: Greenbox0 @YT