Was digging around some forums and threads and found some cute Seobaby info 😛

It sounds like she has a pretty strict sleeping schedule..and she’s super stubborn about it hehe, who knew Maknaes would act like this? Sooyoung was talking about how Seo has to sleep at midnight, no matter what their schedule is, claiming its good for your skin. Awesome excuse to get some sleep 😀 I wonder if jess tried to pull the same thing…

And then every morning she’ll wake up at exactly 7 AM with an alarm clock. Damn Seobaby. 
Personally I don’t really know how exact these facts are because if there are schedules I doubt she can just walk out..but thanks to kevcozha@soompi as the source for this information.

Speaking of being a toughie, she also mentioned on the recent airing of Intimate Note that Sunny’s gotta stop acting so cute and showing off so much aegyo or everyone’s going to think Sunny’s the maknae instead 😀 Sunny retorted by telling the crowd that whenever she eats fast food, Seobaby lectures her on how unhealthy the janx is and how she’ll die early. She ended the statement by saying “Lets see how long you live”. Owned? 😛 All jokes of course. 

You guys also probably remember how in the We Got Married Seobaby told Hyungdon to stop eating so much junk food or he’ll die early. I swear…only such a cute girl could get away with such a statement.