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Just a compilation of some old pictures of two girls from EFF OF EX, some of them having to do with SNSD :D, and some new information too! I’m just going to compile a bunch of information into this post so I don’t make a bunch of little posts.

So a new picture of >>Manber<< has surfaced along with an article! I have no clue what it is saying… but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of her getting so much attention because of her manly appearance.

She actually looks quite feminine in the last picture… A bit like Yoon Eun Hye during Coffee Prince?

Here are pictures of Seolri!

I know you guys have been holding out on asking what Lachata means… but thanks to some loyal readers, they’ve answered the question!

Searching the Web for “la chata” brings up a range of uses, from affectionate to vulgar. I suspect — or am I hoping — in this case, they are using it in its happier meaning. It originally was applied to women with small or snub noses (”chato” for men). “La chata” can now be used as an affectionate term or a nickname for a woman. Hell, even restaurants have the name.


Lachata puede ser el nombre de un antiguo bar mexicano al estilo “baqueros del oeste” y si se fijan bien las chicas F(x) tienen como que un aire a cowgirl.
Also we call “chata ” a una pequeña botella de ron o wisky…


Hmmm let’s see how much Spanish I can remember…
“Lachata” can be the name of an “old western bar” in Mexico and somethingsomethingsomething the girls can be portrayed as cowgirls.
The name “la chata” separately and literally means a tiny/short girl or a little bottle of whiskey/rum.

In 0:52 of their >>teaser/preview<< their hand sign is like a gun. I guess this explains their plaid shirts and the ruffly skirt Krystal was wearing… and the manly vest thingie Manber was wearing… It also explains the setting of the MV. OMG, ghei western (bar)!? Those things are getting more and more popular these days…

It seems MariaCruz‘s explanation makes more sense than what my two Spanish speaking friends said… they thought chata was slang for “tough” or something. I forgot ^^;

OH! the group picture, you know, the one where >>Krystal is lifting her skirt up<< just released an HQ/desktop version. Seems like Manber is taller than we expected since she’s the only one without heels and she’s about the same height as Seolri and Victoria who were suspected to be the tallest.

I know I said that they (might) have their >>first performance<< but it looks like they’ll be having (another?) showcase on September 2nd at 17:00 KST. They’ll be at the Seoul Samsung Dong Fashion Center to show off music, style, dancing(?), and fan interaction. You can catch the girls for an hour and you’ll be attending the event with SNSD and SHINee! Also, they’ll be showing the MV and the entire Lachata song!

I just thought about what I’m going to do when these girls debut. Will I continue to post about them on SNSDKOREAN? Hmmmmmmmm……………… Boss Lady, People, Y/N?

P.S. I know I promised SNSD+EFF OF EX pictures, but I’m on the phone discussing some bidnezz so… you can get that in another post :p