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…err I mean Krystal!

So I was very pleased with your >>nice comments<< in my last post that I decided to share some more goods on EFF OF EX. It’s not much, but since it won’t be long ’til we >>get to hear<< what these girls have got to offer (September is just right around the corner!) and since SNSD is getting quieter and quieter these days, I figured there’s nothing wrong with a bit of promotional work for keeping up to date with Jessica‘s army. I guess the heads are busy planning something big with the capula

So here’s the latest scoop!

Amber and Krystal were wandering around in Apgujung (fashion, shopping district) arms hooked together. Someone tried to take their pics but Amber grabbed Krystal and walked away kekeke

From a female clerk at a store where Amber is a regular customer:
“I thought she was a guy at first…an attractive American style guy…good manners… she has a nice husky voice…then one day I was shocked when I noticed the chest… she really is pretty and handsome… I almost fainted when she smiled at me, smiled in a really cute way… fluent English…her Korean has an accent but is pretty good”

Ha, the way the female clerk described Manber, I’m sorta picturing Yoobin‘s mini-me. I guess not only do they look alike, but they sound alike too? Hmm, I wonder if the girls were already linking hands and then Manber just sort of dragged her away from the stalkers(s) or if as soon as the stalker(s) came, she linked their arms and fled…


Either way, I’m so jealous (and feeling so ghei right now for saying that XD)! And I know I jinxed it.

(23:07:47) OVERusedIT ♫ But whatever. I wonder if they’ll need a boy in the MV if they have Manber, you know cuz they usually have people feature in MVs

(23:08:37) em. What are we supposed to do if Krystal rubs up on Amber?!

(23:08:43) em. Should we be upset?

(23:08:49) em. Because you bring up a good question.

(23:10:40) OVERusedIT ♫ ……………..LOL DAMN YOU MANBER!

(23:12:53) em. I KNOW!

(23:13:09) em. I’m going to be like, “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE… WAIT! You’re a girl… BUT NO!”

(23:13:17) OVERusedIT ♫ LOL!

(23:13:18) OVERusedIT ♫ NO!

(23:13:26) OVERusedIT ♫ It’s unfair, wrong… and totally unfair!

(23:13:31) em. VERY

(23:13:34) OVERusedIT ♫ I mean, she’s a mangirl! It’s like… I can’t even explain!

(23:13:35) em. I’m going to be jealous.

(23:13:43) em. It’s like 10x worse in this situation!

(23:14:03) em. whatev

(23:14:24) OVERusedIT ♫ LOL! Seriously.

(23:14:41) OVERusedIT ♫ i dunno. it’s like unfair cuz she is a girl… but she’s a MAN…girl… so it’s like right but not right.

(23:15:43) em. Fucking confusion.

(23:16:13) em. Because if one of the other members rub on Krystal, I’m jealous, but totally okay with it because girl on girl, duh.

(23:16:31) em. But, Manber, is a girl dressed like a dude, so she’s deceiving and playing the system.

(23:17:40) OVERusedIT ♫ dammit. It’s like… how smart of her.

(23:17:44) OVERusedIT ♫ she’s really messing with the system.

(23:17:47) OVERusedIT ♫ this isn’t even fair anymore.

(23:17:49) OVERusedIT ♫ we’re outplayed. We’ve been had.

(23:18:13) em. I know.

(23:18:20) em. Like, she’s such a mastermind.

(23:18:30) em. I mean, I wish I was as smart as her, yeah…

(23:18:47) em. But, maybe she won’t rub up on Krystal.

(23:19:16) OVERusedIT ♫ 😦 why can’t Seolri’s forehead or Seongyeon’s nice face rub up on Krystal?

(23:20:27) em. … LOL

(23:20:36) em. I’m imagining cats.


….and you don’t want to read what I said after that last message.

P.S. thanks for the Manber appreciation ^^ I wonder if it’ll get as big as Seobaby… and by that, I mean Seohyeon’s nickname lol.

creditssilis7noy2 @SSF, Tama Mama + Zoolander @JPHIP