Just read an interesting little RUMOR (sometimes..we gotta put a lil’ more emphasis on this word a lot more than needed) from boss747@soshified. I was lost for a little second and had to re-read it, but basically it looks like whatever happens to F(x) will affect SNSD. Enough with me talking, here’s bossa747’s words.

i’ve been posting small news bits on my twitter.
today i got a RUMOR about SM’s plan w/ SNSD and f(x)
the article is thought to be written by a SM insider but nobody can guarantee it.

so…READ IT AND FORGET IT smile.gif

f(x) is gonna promote Lachata digital single (mp3) very shortly then release a mini album.
Lachata is a bit strong performance-focused song.
And they’re gonna release a teen-pop style title from mini album which is soon to be released.
As far as I know it’s already recorded,
Since the girls are very young, Lachata promotion is only for image making, and will be very short.

SNSD’s mini album concept is still flexible. SM is gonna watch how f(x) mini album does and decide the concept.
They had already received an euro pop title which is stronger than Genie.
Also they have songs worth album title track from domestic writers including Park Changhyun, E-Tribe, and DJ Jinu (of Rollercoaster)
After f(x) mini album lands well domestically, they will go euro pop,
then they will release repackage album with cuter title from domestic writers after f(x) goes overseas.

If f(x) does really well domestically, SNSD can go overseas first (while f(x) stays in Korea for that period)
how f(x) does will affect SNSD including album concept.

SHINee will release album on September 23 as planned without any relation with girl groups.

that’s about it. Ciao!


Interesting..it looks like their using F(X) as a way to test the waters for the group, something that I personally did not see coming. 

It’s amazing how fast SM moves, girls already got songs that are worth title track. Ah this just gets me too excited for a comeback 🙂

Anyway, like I said before, rumor. Don’t take this TOO seriously. (: