Pay attention to the road mushroom!

It’s late so I’m going to just quote silis7noy@soompi for the info 🙂

Tiffany was seen at a driving school today. The instructor said she has been coming since June and two more members learning there. Taeyeon was seen studying for driver license on chin chin before too but later said she’s not going to get the license for now. People who saw Tiffany today also commented how friendly and mannered she was bowing 90 degrees to every instructors in the school.

Unlike in US, girls their age getting drivers license is a really big deal thing in Korea…so this is one of those personal self developments they are going after^^ Most Korean girls their age fail the driving test several times before finally passing, I wonder how the girls would do. Good luck girls!


Ah, Tiffany getting her license? 😛 Not saying she can’t drive but heheh its kind of funny to imagine. Speaking of Tiff behind the wheel…I was reading a certain fan fic author’s previews for his upcoming stories..ahem, psychic much?

So they say two more members were learning there? I wonder who. I couldn’t help but imagine Tae behind the wheel (hell even SUnny) “wheres the driver in that car?” 😀

Nice to know people are noticing how polite our girls are.  The bows and everything. (:
I don’t know how tough it is to get your license in Korea but goodluck to the ladies! 

I got mine quite easily to be honest..lol. Ah and the picture? From Mari Kart Wii, a fun game I must say..though my friends used some dirty tricks to stop me from winning..