credits; silis7noy2@soompi

About their new dorm so far the girls have revealed 
5 rooms 2 bathrooms
2 refrigerators 
huge living room with a giant mirror, big enough for dance practice

I guess they deliberately looked for a unit with a huge living room, to use it for practice. The girls don’t really need to go to SM headquarters unless to use the practice hall. So maybe now the girls won’t need to stay at SM practicing til 3am in the morning.

The dorm is near SM headquarters. This picture is from an apartment in that area, a special unit with a large living room. It’s not the girls dorm but it’s probably similar. Also these buildings have good security so it’s good for the girls.

Well, if this is what the dorm looks like, I must say its pretty damn nice. Big, good for practice 🙂 Hella pretty too..

The girls probably have crap all over the house though and the floors probably ain’t so shiny anymore 😛 
I wouldn’t mind having an apartment like this one…damn. 

Oh also from silis7noy2, Taengoo’s Naver Fan cafe passed 100K..which is a huge feat for a single idol member. (: If only I could be apart of that 100k.