sooyoung-44A Clock, say whaaaa? I suggest you watch that video first, but if you want to skip out on it, a Clock is what Ellie calls the 2PM fans.

So on the recently aired episode of Chocolate, the members were asked which Idol artist’s fan club that they would like to join. Sooyoung admitted that she wanted to join 2PM’s fan club. She thought the boys were cool and that she prefers the sexiness these boys give off.

Heh, 2pm is quite sexy fo’ shooo. 😀

And I started watching some of the Idol Special on SGB (some parts are still being subbed) but there was this part where Soo said she wanted to see the famous “hand motion” during the I Hate You performances (I can’t remember her exact words but it’s something similar to that) and while Taec is up there doin’ it, you can see Soo just O_O.  “Its like an animal and its hot.” Well damn girl, could you be anymore obvious 😛