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NOTE: These two articles are combined into one and I wrote them before (probably the night of when)  I decided to go on hiatus. I’m not exactly sure if they relate… well they sorta do… I can try and come up with something witty to relate the two further…


I know this is kinda old, but I just found it now thanks to a tip.

On June 27th, Kangin and Leeteuk from Super Junior appeared on KBS2 Champagne. During a segment of the show, they had Kangin pick between current hot celebrities, sort of putting them on a face off. The audience was intrigued when they made poor Kangin pick between his coworkers (girls of SNSD) and his ‘ex-wife’ (from We Got Married).

If you followed We Got Married, then you’d know that Kangin’s  pretend wife, Lee Yoonji, was a bit jealous of Taeyeon because he was close to her (due to the radio show they hosted together for quite some time) so everyone  cooed and hollered during his ‘agony’.

The video doesn’t show the whole round but here it is:

First Round: Yoona over Tiffany; Kim Ah Joong over Goo Hye Sun; Yoonji over Taeyeon (Thank goodness cuz I’m so not a fan of “KangYeon”); Lee Hyori over Son Dambi; Jeon Ji Yeon over Kim Tae Hee (DUH!)

Final Round: SNSD’s Yoona, Jeon Ji Yeon, Han Ji Min, and Kim Ja Ok. He picked Jeon Ji Yeon over Yoona and Han Ji Min over Kim Ja Ok.

Seems like Kangin’s got a thing for Yoona, eh? Too bad >>it’ll never<< happen! But I must say, SM boys have good taste in girls because he chose Jun Ji Hyun (DBSK‘s Yunho also likes her) in the end. Too bad that’ll never happen either :p

Speaking of Yoona!

Yoona was among many female celebrities that expressed her love interest for for 2PM members along with big name females, Lee Hyori; Lee Soo Young; Park Kyung Lim, Maybee, Solbi, Ahn Hye Kyung; Chaeyeon; and more!

She said,

When I think about their looks, I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.
-SNSD on KBS Champagne

Man, I so can not wait for Champagne to get subbed!

Credit: Prot0908 @YT

P.S. Just so all y’all know, cuz tvxq4everlove thought otherwise, but I WRITE all my posts. The only thing that’s never mine are usually pictures and videos unless stated otherwise. And if ever words aren’t mine, I quote them and sign who said them.

First Round: