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Man, >>this song<< never gets old. It’s too hilarious.

On August 9th, two girls from SNSD appeared on SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense with host Lee Kyung Kyu. He asked the two, Tiffany and Sunny, what their wishes were to which Sunny honestly replied,

“I wish to have >>a boyfriend<< as soon as I can.”

Hmm, don’t worry Sunny! Soon the company will want you to date! Well, if I’ve calculated it correctly, you might have to wait three to five more years… But you can hold out, right?  Maybe you can date right now, but you’d definitely have to be private about it. Just be careful! And make sure your boyfriend has eyes on the back of his head and knows some sick martial arts moves with ties to the mafia for safety measures.

Any takers boys, she’s a bit feisty? 😉

Though, she might have this curiousity for girls once in a while… but you’re okay with that, right?

Oh and in case you were wondering what Tiffany’s response was, don’t bother. She wanted to change the subject. INTERESTING. Sigh, I love it when I’m right.


I’m back- tell all your friends! Maybe. Sorta. Hopefully? Since my plans today were pretty much ruined and that means the rest of the week might be ruined too, I might as well make my transition from a hiatus to a semi-hiatus starting now. Then again, Boss Lady doesn’t want me here ;_; so I might forget about coming back (anytime soon) at all.

I know I promised two articles when I came back, but I might combine then because they’re both about Yoona anyway. Yes, lazy, I know. Still love me, right? Crap, I still gotta update myself on Kpop and SNSD D: so much stuff….