Edit; The title is a joke. And  I’ll apologize if I offended anyone and as for my REAL personal thoughts on this issue, I’ll keep to myself to avoid an online battle. Sorry guys, feeling a tad bitchy.

credits; tamatron@jphip

With the DBSK vs. SM deal, there’s a rumour out about the girls’ contracts too!

Yoona – 15 years.

Sooyoung – 5 years.

Yuri & Jessica – 9 years.

Taeyeon – 10 years.

Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Tiffany – Free agent, contract expires at the group’s dissolution.

Sunny – LIFETIME!!! Nah, actually, I don’t understand hers. It says free agent something. 자유계약, 계약 만료기한 본인의사 고려.

Rumor children rumor. But that sounds pretty damn long.
Recently with the DBSK news and how much the boys get..imagine the splitting with nine girls. lol 😛