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* EDITED W/ List – They will be performing Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” & 2PM’s “Again & Again”, not “It’s You”. In addition, the participating girl groups will be performing each other’s hit songs.

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Well, just a few members from each of the groups: SNSD, KARA, 4minute & 2NE1.

From SNSD: Hyoyeon, Jessica, & Yuri

From KARA: Nicole & Seung Yeon

From 4minute: Hyun Ah & Ji Hyun

From 2NE1: Sandara & Minji

The 9 girls will be performing together on this week’s Inkigayo/Popular Song. As for what will they be performing, there seems to be different info.

According to lilchoiboy18@Allkpop,

…the ultimate girl groups will combine to perform Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and “It’s You”.

But according to kacey@Daily K Pop News

Korea popular girls groups SNSD,2NE1,KARA & 4Minute will sing Super Junior’s “Sorry sorry” and 2PM’s “Again & again”.

“Sorry Sorry” seems like it’s confirmed, seeing as both sources say it, but I’m not sure. As for the second song, it can be either “It’s You” or “Again & Again”. Whichever the second song is, I don’t really mind because the joint performance is gonna be epic regardless!  I love all 4 groups and to see members from each group coming together to perform as one, I’m definitely excited. It’s interesting how there’s gonna be 9 girls performing; maybe a coincidence? & Honestly, I can’t really imagine Jessica dancing to the songs, especially “Again & Again” x]

[NOTE: If there’s more info released about the performance and the confirmed songs they’ll be performing, the post will be edited with the confirmed songs & it will be indicate at the top so please check back]


Allkpop released more details about the Girl Group Special.

…the many girl groups of Korea’s music industry were to perform Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and 2PM’s Again and Again. But it looks like the special has took a step further for the many different members of the participating girl groups, including SNSD, 2NE1, Kara, 4minute and Brown Eyed Girls, will be performing the hit songs of each the girl groups.

– xyiseul@Allkpop

With that said, SNSD as a group will be performing “Gee”, KARA will be performing “Honey”, 4Minute will be performing “Hot Issue”, 2NE1 will be performing “Fire”, & Brown Eyed Girls will be performing “How Come”. (Sorry got confused). Members from the 5 girl groups will be participating and performing each other’s hit songs: SNSD’s “Gee”, KARA’s “Honey”, 4minute’s “Hot Issue”, 2NE1’s “Fire”, & Brown Eyed Girls’s “How Come”. Here’s the list (also posted by losthere1 below) of whose gonna be performing which song.

Gee (Girls’ Generation)
– Yoona, Seohyun [SNSD]
– Park Bom, Sandara Park [2NE1]
– Nicole, Seungyeon, Gyuri [Kara]
– Gayoon, Sohyun [4minute]

Howcome (Brown Eyed Girls)
– Miryo, Je Ah [BEG]
– Tiffany [SNSD]
– Jiyoon [4minute]

Fire (2NE1)
– CL [2NE1]
– Taeyeon, Sooyoung [SNSD]
– Hyunah [4minute]

Hot Issue (4minute)
– Jihyun [4minute]
– Yuri, Hyoyeon [SNSD]
– Ga In [BEG]
– Minji [2NE1]

Honey (Kara)
– Hara, Jiyoung [Kara]
– Jessica, Sunny [SNSD]
– Narsha [BEG]

source: bug@soshified, Allkpop & Daily Kpop News

By the way, preview pictures  from Inkigayo. I heard that Inki will be showing a short clip of the groups interacting, so maybe these are bts pictures :}

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picture credits: newsen & silis7noy@soompi