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As you are all aware, (or -cough- reminded by boss lady’s serious>>post<< and Maria’s fan >>post<<), its Stephanie Hwang’s aka SNSD’s Brighter Than Mushroom Gems TIFFANY‘s Birthday!


As reported awhile back, fans across the world came together and pooled together to do a donation under Tiffany’s name for her birthday. I loved the idea. And what’s most amazing is, it wasn’t JUST Soshified and Hwa Soo Eun Hwa 2030, but SNSDChina also participated.

The above picture is the words of congrats from all 3 fanclubs to Tiffany through a newspaper. Below is the certification of award of excellence to Tiffany (since fans are donating under her name). I’m not sure what the exact sum is, but it’s the thought that matters right!? I know its definitely more than USD$2000 since that’s how much Soshified raised and stopped at (there were more people willing but didn’t get to donate QQ like me).


10 female fans even went to the Hansarang Baby Care Center for Disabled Babies to not just bring the gifts, but also to volunteer and help out for the day. The donations included a washing machine, TV, and other electronics (including medical devices such as a suction pump). Seriously I was teary eyed when I read all this info @ soshified, I can’t imagine how Tiffany or the staffers at the centre reacted after finding out! – Soofany

Here is another ad for Tiffany combined w/anniversary words of congrats for SNSD:

 Well I hope you all found this post enlightening, as the fans of SNSD across the world isn’t just all about music and teen drama. Super thanks to soshified (esp. xeth and minjoo), soiz and their original sources for providing information to make this post possible!