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Nope! Sorry ladies, it’s actually MuCore’s Current Biggest Fan-Staffer: Soofany here to hook you up with all the awesome videos of SNSD @ MuCore this week!

First, we begin with some lovely YulTi MC Cuts: Tiffany and Yuri looks fantastic this week! Love that orange bracelet, Fany! YulTi are so cute and bubbly, even though I dont understand a oink of korean, I still watch every single MC Cut!

Then we have 1 Year Later duet by Jessica and Onew (Shinee): This was obviously pre-recorded, but it was a lovely performance. I love that glossy effect they did, and the vocals were bang on. It was definitely smart move by SM to add this duet into SNSD Mini Album!

Tell Me Your Wish in smexy white outfits: Before I begin, I’m going to say this.. and I know I’ve said it before but oh well:


Can I say WOW? Even though there are no awards from MuCore, our girls always do their very best for it. This is probably the most energetic perf I’ve seen from all the girls in weeks. Anyone noticed the theme of this week’s MuCore is BOAT? -CoughCough- SNSD Marine look totally matches!? And check out our girl’s microphones! At first I thought Fany and Yuri forgot to switch back mics, but no! All the girls got special mics! Hurray!

Last but not least, who’s In Summer!? Probably the most anticiated video cut, but I was a bit let down by it. The vocals were okay and the dance was cute, but… yeah, lets hope tomorrow’s special on inkigayo will be better!

All video credits to CodeMonMonSeason2 @ youtube!